About us

About us

Gumcorp Pakistan is the single largest producer of gumbase in Pakistan, having vast experience of over thirty years in the confectionary and allied industries. Gumcorp started off as producers of packaging materials in 1967 and later on in 1980 entered the gum base industry as agents for an international gumbase producer. Gumcorp started its local production of gumbase in 1993, in a joint venture with a European producer and proceeded to become a completely independent gum base producer in 1998.

Due to our long and rich experience in the industry, with production facilities both in the tariff area and the export processing zone, we are ideally placed to serve both local and international customers. In fact most of our local Customers are exporters of bubble gum too, with exports to almost every corner of the world.

Commitment to our customers: Our commitment to you is not limited to selling gumbase. We commit to you to exceed your expectations of services, right from the inception of your product idea to the actual production of your product. We assist our customers in the following areas:

  • product development
  • packaging development
  • machinery selection and
  • marketing

We commit to providing our customers with the highest degree of quality in identifying their needs and requirements and complying with them. Customer satisfaction is essential to the Gumcorp ideology, and we ensure that by adopting excellent standards of safety and adhere to strict rules and regulations in our facilities to make sure our products are top quality.

Our efficient technical staff is always available and keen to answer any queries and assist with any problems that may arise during formulation or any area of gum production.

Our Competitive edge: With a large production capacity, substantial inventories and presence in tariff zone and tariff free zone, deliveries on short notice is an added advantage in dealing with us.

Being located in Pakistan, we have available to us resources that enable us to offer competitive pricing, thus a huge cost advantage to our customers as compared to our European competitors.